Where on Earth has Jenna Been?!


It’s been a while—I can’t rightly say how long because I didn’t bother to check when my last post was. But, believe me, it’s been a minute.

Of course, as everyone is aware, 2020 has been the trashfire to end all trashfires and thus my work (outside my actual job and survival) has slipped. Well, obviously since I haven’t posted anything on this blog in months and I was planning on updating my website to include a section for my art and open an Etsy shop, etc., etc.

Life has been a little crazy in all the ways it can be; personal crisis, stress, life, death, it’s all shown itself in one way or another. And that has left me feeling a little uninspired, though I’m hopeful that a bounce-back is on the way!

So here’s a little update on my life and what I’m working on now.


I’m still planning to open my Etsy shop and put my artwork on my website, but things take time and at this point I have no idea where time goes anymore.

But, for posterity, I’m hoping to get all that done by the end of the year or, at the latest, early next year.



I’m in the midst of re-writing/editing/revising my second novel. If you missed it, The Curious Adventures of Winifred McQuary was shelved and I’ve since written a draft of a new book. This has been a slow process, especially in the last couple months as I was dealing with a personal crisis. So for the time being, I’m focusing on other projects to reignite my writing passions!

Next month I’m participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and am hoping to crank out a draft of a completely new novel. Why? Because why not. This novel is something I’ve never done before and am a little scared of. It’s based on a classic Agatha Christie-style whodunit, but with a twist. There’s a vampire and there’s some romance and it takes place at a school that bares a weird resemblance to Oxford. I’m also feeling optimistic that this year will be the year I actually win at NaNo (aka reach 50k words).

The Tellings was also put on hold kind of by accident. The first three chapters are available to read, but I haven’t published anything else. This was also because of personal issues and mental health chaos caused by… everything. But, do not fear, I’m planning to start publishing more chapters in the new year.


If you missed it, back at the end of June (almost 500 years ago now) I opened an online used bookstore. It’s a teeny tiny business that’s been doing much better than I ever imagined within these first few months. The customers and fans are fantastic and the experience has taught me so much.

With everything that happened in the last couple months, I’ve neglected the bookstore a little. It’s gone fairly quiet, but still getting the occasional order. However, the Christmas season is fast approaching and I’m hoping to kick the store into high gear for Christmas shoppers. Keep your fingers crossed for me and check out the store if you haven’t already!

Sooooooo that’s it. I’m planning to be more active on here again, so look out for more blog posts to come before the end of the year.

Thanks for reading!

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