I’ve Opened a Bookstore

The last few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. Why? Because I’ve launched a tiny online business.

I’ve always loved books and bookstores. There are many many blog posts dedicated to my favourite books and bookstores. One dream I’ve had, since graduating five years ago, is to open my own bookstore.

It’s easy for me to get lost in dreams about what the store would look like, what sort of books and other bookish products I would stock, bookish events I would host. My dream bookstore would be a haven for book lovers and authors alike. But, unfortunately, it is but a dream.

Newmarket, my hometown, used to have an independent used bookstore, but it closed YEARS ago. Since, there haven’t been any other bookstores other than the big chain. It’s a real shame because all towns deserve a real cozy bookstore. I’ve been to many, all over the world even, and it’s an experience I adore.

But, it’s expensive to open a brick-and-mortar store. So how could I reconcile my dream with realistic finances?

An online store!

Every single step of this process has been surprisingly painless. From registering the business with various governmental bodies, finding the best hosting platform, and collecting initial stock. It’s also been much cheaper and much less risky.

But, more importantly, I’ve been able to do something I’m passionate about. Yes, I don’t get to design a real shop where I can put a homey reading nook. And I don’t get face-to-face interactions with my customers. But, it’s better than not doing anything at all.

I set up a couple avenues of direct communication, where customers can contact me and hopefully we can build a real relationship.

  1. A potential customer can email me with a specific book they’re looking for and I’ll find it and ship it to them.
  2. I also provide recommendations for anyone who gives a couple details of their reading habits/preferences

This launch is a wonderful mixture of excitement and terror as I make my dreams a reality and pray that it doesn’t just fizzle out into nothing.

If you’re in the market for a gently used book, please please check out The Littlest Online Bookshop!

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