Moodboard: Cemetery Clock Book

“We need the key to the clock.” Chelsea had a look on her face that told Ivy that the girl would not be denied. 


Chelsea crossed her arms in front of her chest, hugging the leather-bound book, and sighed. “To go through the door, of course.”

“Door?” Ivy asked. “What door? There’s no door in the clock.” This conversation was like a dream, nothing quite made sense. 

“Yes there is,” Chelsea said, as if it was common knowledge and it was ridiculous that Ivy didn’t know. 

Ivy looked at the grandfather clock in question. It looked like a perfectly unremarkable antique clock. “No there isn’t.” 

Chelsea huffed and grabbed a key from the tray at random. “Fine. I’ll do it myself.”

Now that The Curious Adventures of Winnifred McQuary is being queried, I started writing (hand-writing actually) a new novel. “Cemetery clock book” is the working title as I actually haven’t picked one.

All these images are from the Pintrest board I made as inspiration for the book.

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