#AMMConnect Mentee Hopeful Bio

My name is Jenna Goldsmith and I write YA and NA fantasy/urban fantasy/magical realism. Once I tried to write a contemporary story and it ended up with elves in it. I actively write on my blog (here) and on Medium, where I post articles about writing, self-care, and life lessons.

I started writing stories at a fairly young age, just because I thought it was fun and I enjoyed storytelling. For a while as a kid, I thought I wanted to be an actor⏤storytelling through performance. It seemed to fit. I’m a major drama queen and, despite being an introvert, I do enjoy the “spotlight” sometimes. But as I got older, I liked the idea more of being in control of the stories. In High School, I started writing more seriously and thought it could be something I’d want to do with my life.

In university, I studied English Literature and History, which I think was the best for developing my creativity and writing abilities. I’m not sure if I would’ve had the same experience if I’d studied creative writing specifically. But, I did get a post-grad certificate in creative writing after I graduated.

I love stories. For me, they are a way to escape the mundane and explore a vast number of worlds and people. That’s why I love urban fantasy and magical realism, real life with a sprinkle of magic. As if it could really happen to me.

The book I want to submit is a YA fantasy: The Curious Adventures of Winifred McQuary.

It’s about Winifred, a shy and bookish 16-year-old girl, who falls into a portal while on a family camping trip. The world she falls into is fantastical and magic, including whales that soar through the sky as if it was water. But all is not what it seems, even when she is granted magic from the local deity, or when she has to save her new friend from being held captive by the local dictator. Winnie must decide for herself who to trust and what is right. If she doesn’t, she might never get home.

The project was inspired by the Studio Ghibli film, Spirited Away and by my own struggles in finding myself after a bad break up.

Even if I don’t get accepted as a mentee, I’m looking forward to connecting with so many talented and wonderful writers! I’d love to connect so follow me on Twitter or send me a message.

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