Silent Night

Winter remembered death well. How it took to her like a charming suitor, resplendent in his black suit and tie—haunting eyes and all. The memory held shape in the dunes that formed of snow, in the bite of frost on cheeks, in the mournful paw prints wandering through barren forests. Death came in winter. SoContinue reading “Silent Night”

So much for summer love: Flash Fiction

“Are you sure?” he whispered against the skin of my neck.  I’d never been more sure of anything. Even if this was my first time.  “Have you ever—?”  He shook his head. “Never.” Our love story occurred in memories; in moments that slipped through my fingers like the sand.  …It was the swirling air;  …theContinue reading “So much for summer love: Flash Fiction”

November Song

This is a short story I wrote for Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass: The Art of Storytelling. I liked it a lot, so I wanted to share it here! This is my first short story I’ve posted here, so I hope you like it. It was the First of November—the night of the burning—and Nan knew thatContinue reading “November Song”