A Forest in Spring – Earth Day composition

The forest in Spring was a sleepy sort of place. Even the dappled sun between the branches was like light filtering through drawn curtains. Birds chirped freely to remind the sleeping giants it was time for waking. The trees stirred from slumber and stretched towards the glow.

A rabbit scampered through the sparse underbrush, feeling a vague sense of relief for the coming growth. Food in abundance was a promise on the wind. The smell of damp earth was the smell of renewed hope.

This feeling spread through the soil as the trees shared their greetings, secrets, and nutrients. Soft conversations between roots; that interconnected system of infinite wisdom beneath the stand. The crowns were still bare, but a whole world existed below.

The wind was a sigh of relief as it passed gently in the weave of branches. A cloud, heavy with rain, drifted by and left puddles as it went. Small streams burbled and bubbled with rain and newly melted snow. A cheerful robin, just returned, hopped about the puddles and looked for worms amongst the mud.

As the trees woke and leaves unfurled, a joy returned to the hearts of all the beings there.

Happy Earth Day!

This is just a happy whimsical thing I whipped up to celebrate. This is also part of a project that brings together artists, writers, and other creatives for the Earth and celebrate 50 years of Earth Day. You can read more about it here.

This will also be published up on my Instagram account!

I hope you have a wonderful day and take a moment to appreciate the amazing beauty of our little blue planet.

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